Vertical blinds are suitable for a wide range of applications and are characterised by their flexibility, durability and the efficient, versatile solar protection they provide. The louvres can be adjusted to follow the course of the sun and are an excellent way to control and direct the light.

For private homes the focus is on the decorative aspect, as well as the solar protection. The vertical home blinds are an almost unique product that has its own distinct character and yet leaves a great deal of scope for architectural design.

Verticals can be used to create a variety of very different lighting effects, as there are almost infinite possibilities for regulating the incoming light depending on the position of the louvres.

Vertical blinds are particularly suitable for use in office buildings, as they can cover large and wide areas of glazing, and there are many louvre fabrics available that take into consideration Health, Safety and Environmental issues. These vertical office blinds include fabrics with solar reflective properties ideal for workplaces

Louvre widths of 89 mm and
 127 mm are standard and are commonly available.


The Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds System brings together a complete range of components to suit the many different applications for which it has been designed. The product features work in harmony with each other to provide a flexible, efficient solar shading product that leaves nothing to be desired.

For large projects, if requested the rails can be supplied in special colours so they can 
be colour co-ordinated with existing architectural elements of the building.

The Luxaflex Vertical Blinds System, with its tried-and-tested traveller with integrated friction clutch, stainless steel spacers and detachable hooks, enables the blinds to be used for a wide range of applications.


Narrow stacking width

The system is characterised by the particularly narrow stacking width of the louvres when pulled back, which enables them to be neatly stacked right at the end of the rail.

The optional flexible end retainer allows minimising the stacking width even further.

Easy window cleaning through functional components

When the catch is released the louvre stack can be easily moved sideways out of the way in order to clean the window.

For many years now, the Luxaflex Verticals Blinds system from Hunter Douglas has been the most complete and most reliable system on the market, covering all areas of use.