Pirouette Window Shadings

Pirouette Window Shadings features soft horizontal vanes attached to a single sheer backing allow for enhanced views to the outside and full beauty of the fabric appearance to the inside.Pirouette Shades vanes appear to floating the window, providing superior view-through to the outside.

It provides ultimate flexibility by flatten the vanes for a smooth, more contemporary finish, contoured look, or fully open the vanes to provide a clear view to the outside.Pirouette Blinds has versatile functionality with a single operating cord, hand held Platinum remote or wireless wall switch allows shadings to be closed for privacy, adjusted for precise light control and view-through, or completely open by retracting into the headrail.

pirouette blinds
Pirouette Shades

The revolutionary Invisi-Lift ™ system suspends the shading’s soft vanes for variable light control.

The sheer backing reduces glare and filters harmful UV rays; blocking up to 86% of rays when vanes are open and up to 99% when closed.The Vane size are 4” Petite and 5” Grande.

The Operating Systems are:

  • EasyRise
  • UltaGlide
  • PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum ™ Technolog