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Whether you may be building a new house from scratch, or renovating a recently purchased home, you may want to consider the benefits of installing i-One motorised blinds as a window treatment for your house. Besides having the control to restrict the amount of light entering your home, there are so many more advantages to having motorised blinds installed

The i-One Motors is made with more product features with less cost to the consumers.

Smart Home Automation Solutions should be unobtrusive, quiet and react on command wherever you are. It should also be sensitive to your needs without your obvious attention. That is why the i-One R45 blinds automation system was invented.

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The motorized roller blinds was integrated with a R45’s DC Motor within its tubular casing for it to be unobtrusive and hidden from view so that other design elements can take centre stage in your indoor settings.

The R45 motor also takes your existing electrical network in consideration so you do not have to retrofit your home or office with tedious physical wirings and put up expensive set up boxes every few steps.

Quiet i-One Motor

Using a German engineered motor with sound insulation, the R45 is one of the world’s quietest tubular motor at 37dBA that is as soft as a whisper. Its soundless performance is consistent even when handling different fabric weight of up to 13 kg. Rotations are smooth at a luxurious speed of 67mm/s. It is also able to operate continuously for 45 minutes without overheating, more than eleven times longer than competing products available in the market.

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iOne Motor R45W

Another product is the i One R45-W Motorised Blinds which offers privacy and light control at the touch of a button, and with the option to connect via Wifi. The iONE R45W is a revolutionising motorised blinds, with no more set up boxes or tedious wiring. The R45W simply uses your home or business Wi-Fi connection to transmit your commands. You can even reduce gadget clutter by opting to communicate with your R45W via iONE’s mobile or desktop applications.

iOne R45 Motor Specification

  • Motor diameter – 45 mm
  • Maximum area – 250 ft²
  • Average speed – 67 mm/s
  • Rated torque – 4.5 NM
  • Rated voltage – 24 DC
  • Voltage supplied to motor – 90 VAC – 250 VAC
  • Rated power – 36 W
  • Rated current – 0.18 A
  • RF wireless frequency – 433 MHz dBa – 37
  • Max operation time – 45 mins
  • Applications – roller & roman blinds

The One Touch iOne Remote Control forgo the traditional design of rubber keypad remote controls in favour of a sleek glass touch screen to program your favourite settings on iONE motorized blinds and curtains. Featuring an ergonomic white-scooped back and a small light indicator, the remote control weighs just 60 g and communicates with the R45 and LC1500 wirelessly. Touch the triangular icons for the blinds to rise or lower and the square icon to stop. You also choose to preset upper limit and lower limit adjustments in the One Touch’s various channels. The One Touch is powered by an external micro USB charger and a one-hour charge can power the device for a month.

iOne One Touch Remote Control Specifications

  • Dimensions – 12.3(L) x 58.8(W) x 102.9-(H) mm
  • Weight – 52 g
  • Rechargeable battery – 390 mAH
  • Transmission – radio frequency

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