chair in front of window with blinds and curtains

Innovating Window Fashions and Window Dressing The Singaporean Way

The preference and taste of every homeowner vary in terms of the window fashions and dressing which they want to incorporate in the interior design of their home. At Fabrik Etc, we do recognize the need of every interior designer to use their imagination and creativity when it comes to interior decorating and interior designing of Singapore curtain.

Curtain can alleviate the quality ambience of environment or it can destroy the feel or setting in the room. Fortunately, our designers provides an edge by creating only up to date fashionable Singapore curtain home furnishing which can complement your styling preference and even your personality.

The following curtain features might help you be more convinced in buying this to add to your interior design theme.

  • If you want your living room, your bedroom, or even your office room to look exactly like it came out of the home décor magazines, we are your best choice.
  • For interior design and home furnishing purposes, the materials being used in our Curtain Singapore factory are only made of durable and high quality material. Moreover, they are also sophisticated and elegant looking and at the same time, are easy to clean or maintain.
  • Curtain provides not only the fashion aspect but the function aspect as well. Aside from aesthetics, functionality is of equal and utmost importance. So, Fabrik Etc believe that whatever the client needs for their curtain – whether it should be intended for privacy, sunlight protection, view optimisation, such will then be quality catered to you.
sofa in front of window with blinds

Below given are some tips to help you choose the right products for your home; but if you are still not sure, you may want to visit our showroom and talk to our experts for the best recommendations.

Selecting the Right Curtain

  • Consider privacy
    While most people think curtains are but mere furnishing, they also serve to protect privacy. The sheer drapes are a big NO when considered to be put solely regarded as window treatments for your privacy room. You can complement it with a darker coloured drape so it could serve its purpose and that is to protect your privacy.
  • Materials matter
    No matter how perfect the design of your curtains is they don’t ultimately count if it is made of poor materials. Drapes that easily fade in colour are highly discouraged to be used especially when hung in rooms that are exposed to sun light.
  • It’s in tie that counts

Most homeowners may not be aware of this but the tie of the curtains does matter, as they should be in conformity with your theme. The tie in your curtains provides an “umph” factor in your room and provides a statement worth praising.