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What to wear if you’re a window?

Let’s face it. You know your home better than anybody for every window seat & very dormer ledge and every window shade and curtains and blinds (or lack thereof). But what you may not know is how the right window treatment can make your habitat more beautiful and comfortable than you ever imagined. That is where Fabrik Etc, a Blinds Singapore company, comes in. We put a comprehensive brand of made in Singapore Blinds together to help you sort through many of the questions you are bound to have. Soon you’ll be picking out fresh, new treatments any window would love to wear.

We want to help lower your fears and raise your expectations

Does the thought of picking out new blinds in Singapore make you weak? If it does, you’re pretty normal. Some people would rather leave their windows bare than risk making the wrong buying decision. And then, of course, there’s the issue of price. But don’t despair; Fabrik Etc has beautiful window blinds options for virtually any budget. And sorting through your options can be fun and easy if you keep these questions in mind.

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Questions to Ask Yourself before Selecting Your Window Coverings – A Look at Function

  • Question 1: What are your needs for privacy?
    This is the most important question because your safety and security is directly related to what is at the window. Your needs for privacy in the bedroom will probably be different from your needs in the dining room.
  • Question 2: What direction does the window face?
    Does it facing a warm sunny window? If it’s south or west, you could be experiencing a room that heats up.

    Is your furniture or carpet fading as well? Then you should consider energy-efficient products that will keep your room cooler by filtering the harsh sunlight. What this translates to is not only cost-savings in your air-conditioning bills, but also longer-lasting furniture and carpets.

  • Question 3: What are your needs for light control?
    When you think of the operating functions of window coverings, some go up and down. Roller shades are a good example. You can stop a roller blinds anywhere you want, but you can’t control the light. Thus, if light control is an issue, consider a product that has a vane, slat or louver. For instance, the Wooden Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Silhouette Blinds could redirect light and change the complexity of the room simply by tilting the vanes.
  • Question 4: How do your windows open and how often do you open them?
    Some windows open out and some in, while some go side to side. Since there is no standard window, this is an important question to ask to make sure its fits the function.
  • Question 5: What is your budget?
    Let’s be honest, Singapore blinds are an investment for your home. Ask yourself “In 5 years time, will I remember how much I paid for the product or will I remember how much I appreciate it, knowing I made the right decision?”

Additional points to ponder in selecting the Right Window Treatments.

  • What is the size and shape of your room?
  • How much of natural lighting does your room offer?
  • Do you want to maintain the view?
  • ls energy efficiency a concern?
  • Do you need a product that filters out harmful UV Rays?
  • How much of sound absorption do you expect from the window covering?
  • Do you have children/ elderly at home and safety is a consideration?
  • Do you require a product, which needs minimal care and cleaning?
  • Do you want easy access to the window for cleaning?
  • Are there any interfering factors such as security buttons, window cranks, etc.?
  • Are there any interfering architectural features such as crown mouldings, beams, and built-in cabinets?
  • Is the window located close to a corner of the room so that extension of the treatment may be prohibited or access to operation may be limited?
    What is the colour scheme of your room?
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Getting Started

Windows form the shell of the room along with the floors, walls and ceilings. They can be treated in a simple manner to blend unobtrusively into the background or they can be a focal point of the room. Before you consider the wide range of Blinds Singapore design possibilities, analyse the functional aspects of the window and determine exactly what you want the window treatment to do.

Remember: The purpose of a window blinds is to provide light & air.