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Fabrik Etc has been a family-run business and, since 1984, has been making a big difference in providing window fashion solutions in many homes, offices, hotels, buildings and projects.

We thrive on what we do best and strive to grow by finding ways to do it even better.We believe in providing a rewarding experience to our customers through our quality home furnishing products and superior customer service in soft furnishings.

Because of the competitive marketplace, it has been Fabrik Etc’s mission to leverage on its suppliers to remain competitive.We strive to develop long-term business relationships with our suppliers and as a result we have established a high standard of products and services for our customers.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be a dynamic, passionate and caring Company, delivering products to improve the value of clients’ home furnishings and providing them with excellent service

Our Vision is to be recognized as a leader in home furnishing products, which help individuals, and families improve the quality of their homes.

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Our Values

  • Integrity: We are guided by honesty, trust and sincerity in all our actions.
  • Innovation: We fully support the continual search for new, creative and innovative ideas that can lead to our better fulfilling the needs of our customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: our success as a company will be measured by our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs and meet their expectations.
  • Excellence: We will strive to achieve excellence in all areas of our business — sales & marketing, operational, and administrative — and take pride in achieving outstanding results in everything we do.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Our most valuable asset is our people.We will treat them honestly and fairly, and will work with them to create a great place to work, grow and develop to be Leaders.

Our company prioritizes to constantly keeping up with market demands and customers’ needs, and updating its products and services constantly. Customers’ constructive feedback and enquiries are very valuable and important to us

With the continuous support of our regular customers and suppliers, we have successfully carved out our own niche in a competitive market. Our Sales and Marketing Team has been relentless in providing personalised services to our valued customers.

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